I also know that they do have metal elements in their music, enough so that I think they fit our format. Let's start with the title; and you could tell me what the title means to you. To me it ifies how everyone kinda sees how times are right now. For every step in the name of progress we move forward, it ends up being two steps backwards. September the 11th was a wake up call I think, and to smack everybody upside the head and make them realize that ignorance is no longer bliss.

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This stuff is almost always better live, which is what Johnson will be at Jannus Landing. And now we're back here in Toronto with Clutch and Candiria. And that photo kinda hits that right in the head.

Pop music review : skid row, pantera: an odd couple

All the songs are my favourites. We told them to go fuck themselves. Hatred and racism is now being added to the list of terrorism. Thanks a lot! It stayed on the independent side of the industry rather than make the leap for major labels. Your new album credits also mention the additional lead guitar but Tristan.

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In the end we went back and said "holy shit there's a bunch Hardcoreetal friends on this record". Ummmm well I can understand the Pantera and Sepultura, not that I'm not a fan of Type O Negative, but musically it just seemed a lot different from the other guys that made an appearance. The Party opens at the Mahaffey Theater, 8 p. The bay area's Monday Mornings open at Club Detroit, 8 p.

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So I'm not going to give you a certain record for that one. There was no bullshit around us.

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And to that she said "well, you did it when your people came to those lands you conquered and destroyed a whole race of people". It's a reflection of the music.

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And if you like your country with a heavy-picking slant, Tony Rice and Norman Blake form an enticing double bill. There's been a lot of bad luck on our side as far as touring around through Canada over the years.

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We've been through the major labels game and we got our ass reamed; it sucks. It's a pretty impressive line up of people that have contributed in some way.

A lot of the masses are dictated to by radio and MTV. Right now the record is doing better in Europe than the states, but we've toured a lot more in Europe over the years and have had a lot of problems doing excessive touring in the states.

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Spyz mixes corrosive metal with punk, funk and rap. And I think that's why you get the heartfelt sincerity from Biohazard.

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Waking up Sept. The show, which will be at Straub Park in downtown St. I seen your video for the song "Sell-out", and the first thing I noticed when I watched the video; and this brings us back to how the interview started.

There and back again: a comic-con tale

The ensemble performs at the Tampa Theater, 8 p. Much of a different type of audience or scene that you get from playing down around home and kind of thing? I guess you're going back to Europe for the rest of the tour again? We stay in the states in January, go back to Europe in February and lokoing a Harcdoremetal of months off for personal stuff, and then we'll be out all spring and summer.

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That probably won't happen in concert at Jannus Landing, 8 p. I was a roadie for Lookibg when he was a kid and with Type O Negative, we've been friends with all those guys for years. Back when you guys did it, when I first heard it, it was something fresh and new.

So you have to strive for that you know? If I answer shitty we eat McDonalds. They are actually picking up dinner, so if I answer well we eat well.

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Youth is served as well, with a series of hard-core metal shows by Danzig, Annihilator, Sepeltura, Exodus and Redd Kross, along with other alternative rock acts of varied stripe: the Special Beat, Sonic Youth and the Connells. We ended up ing different deals for Europe and American Territory. Is that the same Tristan who played in the band Red Dawn? Hardcorejetal

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And being back on a small independent label is like a breath of fresh air. Thursday, M. How did it all come together?

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The first thing I thought was "I wonder if they considered editing their video", because it happens to show that? So it wasn't really like he did this and he did that. It starts at 1 p. Petersburg, 10 p. I've always listened to all kinds of music from natch different styles of music like hip hop and metal gorl punk rock, and it comes out naturally.

My favorite Biohazard album to this day is the first album that I really got off on is Urban Discipline. And did you send out matvh many "demos" to labels or did they come looking for you kinda thing? Besides the new album, is there any other particular album you look to and say " I'm more into this album than say a certain other album" maybe? Often imitated