It all started a few months back, the kids we in bed, nothing on Television so I turned to my wife and said. So Laptop on and a quick search for a porn site and we were fumbling around looking at various adult movies clips and nothing really taking our fancy until I finally clicked on a section that said.

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Disclaimer: pornSOS. That evening I was doing some work on the Laptop when the wife had gone to bed and for some reason I decided to look at the History section of the internet, I found website after website that my wife had visited looking up DP porn and gangbangs.

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So finally the day arrived, I took the kids Wires to be baby Wifes by a family friend, while I was gone my wife would by getting ready for her impending Double Penetration with two complete strangers. The skinnier of the two guys got back on the bed and told my wife to open her legs as wide Wkfes she could. She was already moany loudly when suddenly they ripped her knickers and tossed them on the first. The door bell rung, I walked to the front door my legs were shaking as I pulled down the handle and opened the door.

The guy took no notice and put his full weight on top of her, I could see his cock disappear inside her pussy, the force of it made her legs raise up in the air and instantly wrapped around his slim waist. I'm still asking myself about how everything got so interesting I went to the Bathroom and locked the door and set the recorder to play. With a huge grin on her face she climbed off me and fetched the butt plug.

I could see from the look on her face that she was having trouble taking his huge dick inside her. After only an hour of searching we came across two guys that were friends with each other and their profile had said they have lots of experience of DP sex, me and my wife are both in our early forties Wiffs these guys were in their early twenty's.

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I exchanged a few words with them on the door step and let them in, I called out to my wife who suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs both the guys eyes widened as they got a first proper looked at what they were fucking this afternoon. Her face looked like she was in heavan as further and further it went inside her, I could fill her pussy getting tighter as the butt plug filled her bum hole.

With the guys now naked they stood either side of my wife and lowered her down onto the bed, there hands split open my wife's stocking covered legs and instantly started to rub her pussy through her tiny knickers. I would not trust these guys with my Car let alone my wife but it was too late for that.

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All rights reserved. Her eyes Wiefs as I told her we would look it up first thing in the morning. Again I heard her Vibrator switch on and this time my wife was moany louder and louder.

When I returned home my wife was dressed in a sexy two piece bra and thong knickers along with a black set of stockings, she looked a million dollars. Within seconds my wife had a huge Orgasm. I fucking loved it, next week they can bring their sex friends!

My wife and the guys exchanged a few s that day, with each reply from the guys she seemed to get more and more horny. In no event shall pornSOS. Both my holes being being filled is amazing! I was more than happy to give this a try on her next time we had sex. My wife glided down the stairs to greet the guys her stocking covered legs looking better than ever, her big tits bouncing in her see thru bra.

I watched her toes curling up tight as she tried to hold both there head with her hands. When she got her breath back I asked her how she felt Wifes too my amazement she whispered in my ear that she wanted two guys to give her a real Double Penetration. The guys sent a text saying they were only a few minutes away, my wife wanted me to first there and watch her have sex with these guys, although my head was telling me this was a stupid idea in the back of my mind I was as horny as hell to see my wife take a pounding from these guys.

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My wife clicked on their profile pictures her eyes nearly pooped out of her head when she see the size of their huge cocks. As she lay their trying to recover both the guys ripped each of her stockings off her legs and hung them round there necks. I watched the guys leave the House and walk over to their mate waiting in the Van, both of the holding my wife's stockings in the air like Football scarf's chanting some random words to Wjfes football songs about my wife.

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Within a minute she was screaming with their hands they each took one of her ankles and yanked her legs wide open. After a few more minutes the guys let go of her legs and stood up, both there cocks looked even bigger dl before.

As she rode me hard I took the butt plug and slowly pressed it against her bum hole, she let out a slight moan as I began to insert it up her are. Their was a close up of both her pussy and arse filled with this huge cocks fucking her hard and Wiges.

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We sent the guys an and waited for a reply. A week or so past and after a relaxing evening watching a film on the Television we started kissing and within minutes we were making love on the sofa, as she Wifees riding me I whispered in her ear if she wanted to use the butt plug in her arse while Fidst fucked her pussy. I got the impression that neither of these guys had a brain cell between them as they told me they got a lift in their mates van and he was waiting outside for them until they had finished with my wife.

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We sat down and swapped small talk but all the while my mind was racing as to how far she wanted to take her new found fantasy. My cock was rock hard, I have never heard her cum so loud in our entire sex life together. I was shocked at first as to what she had just said but in the back of my mind I also had a dirty fantasy of watching my wife have sex with another man, although that was a secret only I knew about.

She walked both guy up the stairs, I followed behind, I watched as their hands were all over her back and firzt of her legs. The other guy watching was egging him on. It all started a few months back, the kids we in bed, nothing on Television so I turned to my wife and said. Finally after one finally Orgasm I could hear her turn off her Vibrator.

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Wifse a few weeks past and on returning from work one night my wife said she had bought a butt plug from the adult store just for a bit of fun. The look on my wife's face when the two guys were fucking the life out of this woman. My cock was rock hard watching these guys treating my wife like a whore. Without fkrst the guy fucking her put his hands round her waist and rolled her over so she was now on top of him, I could see her stunning arse bouncing up and down on his cock.

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I finally got home, my wife was in the kitchen making lunch and gave her a peck on the cheek and went straight up stairs and retrieved the recorder. When we finally got in bed that night I asked her if she meant what she said about letting two guys DP her.

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When the movie finished we talked about what we just watched and my wife said seeing that woman take a pounding from them two guys blew her mind. I got a glimpse of my wife's eyes as she took both guys cocks in each of her hands. I clicked on a few movies and I could tell my wife had suddenly taken an interest.